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Build your own 2 Person Hot Tubs at Affordable Hot Tub Pricing

Build your own 2 Person Hot Tubs at Affordable Hot Tub Pricing

2 Person Hot TubsIf hot tub pricing is not something within your budget, it is possible to build your own 2 person hot tubs or any other size hot tub. Even if hot tub pricing is not an issue for you, this could be a fun project to take on as a hobby. This is a very brief overview of instructions and you will want to check with hot tub warehouse dealers in your area for further instructions. First, you want to figure out the size (2 person hot tubs, 6 person hot tubs, or 7 person hot tubs) and choose between 220 volt hot tubs and 110 volt hot tubs. Then you will want to find a hot tub warehouse supplier that can get you all the parts you need. Next, you will want to decide on what type of plumbing system to use. If you are building a concrete 2 person hot tubs, you will need to use “gunite” jets for the walls. These consist of a jet head and body, which is connected through the wall by means of a plastic tube which can be of different length, which can be found at a hot tub warehouse. You can find the material for this at your nearest hot tub warehouse.

Construction of the 2 person hot tubs starts with the base. Dig a hole in the ground that measures 2200mm long x 1700mm wide x 500mm deep and fill it with 150mm of concrete. Then you will want to build the walls. The prominent outer walls of the tub consist of four courses of thermalite blocks followed by one course of regular bricks. The inner walls are two courses of thermalite bricks high, and these would act as the base for the seat. Then set an area of approximately 150mm around the 2 person hot tubs. This will be filled with concrete to provide a floor around the outside of the 2 person hot tub. It would also act as a strengthening ring to offset the water pressure inside. The next step is the pipework. For an example, let’s say you use 10 water jets positioned around the edge, which result in approximately 70 welds and joints to be made. Before you begin to bore through the thermalite walls, you need to work out what height you want to have your jets. You should hire a bore cutter (core drill) in order to cut a hole into each wall. This is only fractionally larger than the 2.25 inch pipes that you’ll have to purchase to go through the wall and to connect to our jets. Once the holes were cut, you could insert your pipes into the walls and grout them into position. The pipes should be long enough so that the jet head and body can be added to each end, but make sure you allow for your rendering, and tile thickness. Similarly, add the skimmer to the outer wall, which is grouted into place. Make your grout with a strong mix of sand and cement (3 parts sand to 1 part cement). Furthermore, the height of the skimmer determines your water level. Once all the tubes have been fixed into the walls, and the grout has set, begin to work on plumbing the pipes together. There are two different sizes of pipes, one for air and one for water. Also, depending on the flexibility of pipes between joints, it might sometimes be easier to weld the pipes together before you grout the tubes in the wall. Then lastly, tile your 2 person hot tubs and you have a finished product. Once again, if you are attempting to do this at home, inquire with your local hot tub manufacturers for further, more detailed instructions on constructing your hot tub and hot tub pricing.

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