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Control Pads for Discounted Hot Tubs

Control Pads for Discounted Hot Tubs

Too frequently, perfectly functional discounted hot tubs are discarded when all that needs to be replaced is the control pad. With the purchase of a new spa pack, broken down discounted hot tubs can become refurbished discounted hot tubs almost immediately. A spa pack is the equipment that controls the functions of the American Spas. The spa pack usually contains most of the important working parts of your American Spas including the control (to supervise, coordinate and direct the functions of your spa), the main American Spas pump or pumps (to move the water through your spa jets) the heater (to keep the spa water warm) and sometimes a blower (to produce the bubbles) and an ozonator (to help keep the water clean).

hottub-control-padsThere are two available types of air packs which include air-switch or electronic. The main advantage of the air-switch American Spas pack is that it has a low lifetime repair cost since the individual components can be replaced at affordable costs. Generally, the lifespan of a spa pack is around eight years. Also, it has the ability to set on and off times for a filtration cycle with the 24-hour electromechanical clock. However, it has its disadvantages too. There are significantly fewer error indicators and filter cycles can only be set on the actual control box. The huge advantage of the electronic American Spas pack is that you’ll have greater control for the filter cycle and programming features. A microprocessor alerts you to potential malfunctions and gives solutions to minor problems as well. However, the big disadvantage of this spa pack is that in case of failure; the entire pack must be replaced, which can be costly. Plus, anything electric runs the risk of moisture damage and voltage spikes in your discounted hot tubs.

The topside control pad is what controls the speed of your discounted hot tubs pump, the light and temperature settings, as well as some programming settings. But the American Spas control pack is the brains of the discounted hot tubs. This is located directly below the topside control pad. The control pack is where the power is connected to the American Spas and the computer is here to control your American Spas. The control pad is where you can change the water temperature from inside or outside the discounted hot tubs. The water in a American Spas should never go over 104 degrees Fahrenheit, which is the maximum temperature approved by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If children or adult bathers are using the American Spas for extended periods of time, the water temperature should be kept at 98 or 99 degrees Fahrenheit. The heater assembly is also part of this discounted hot tubs control pack, and the stainless steel manifold which contains the electric heating element is located directly under the control pack. However, to make things simpler, you will mostly do all the programming and setting on the topside control pad of your discounted hot tubs.

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