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Troubleshooting a Hot Tub that is Experiencing Hi-Limit Trips

Troubleshooting a Hot Tub that is Experiencing Hi-Limit Trips

The number one complaint in hot tub customer service line and help forums is a hot tub that is not heating. This guide is to solve your worries if you’re experiencing this problem. Listed below are possible causes and its corresponding treatments.

The Hi-Limit Switch Trips

wires3If every components of your spa is working properly then the first equipment you’ll need to inspect inside is the Hi-Limit switch (also known as heater reset button). It can be a little hard to find so you’ll need to make sure that you know what you are looking for.

You will see a red button once you locate the Hi-Limit switch, and all you have to do now is give it a little push. If you noticed an indicator light of the heater turns on after pushing it, then you have fixed the problem.

The common reason why the Hi-Limit switch trip is due to old, clogged or dirty filters which hinder the flow of water. This occurrence confuses the Hi-Limit sensor, as it will indicate that the water is getting too hot. Since the Hi-Limit switch is a safety device that monitors the water temperature, it will trip once it sense an abnormal heat rise.

To check if you have a faulty filter, monitor the performance of the spa without the filter for a day. If the Hi-Limit switch does not trip without the filter, then you might need to replace your old filter. An excellent source of hot tubs and equipments is

Other problems that may cause the Hi-Limit switch to trip

  1. Inspect if the jets are fully functional and allow maximum flow
  2. Check if the valves are all open

Inspect if you’re having an air lock problem

A hot tub that is not producing heat may also indicate that it is suffering from an air-lock problem. You’ll easily figure this out if you notice the lack of water flow in your spa. This can easily be solved by allowing the trapped air inside the pump to escape. To do this, you’ll have to shut the valve located on the side of the suction pump, and loosening the pump union and wait for the trapped air to escape. Reset the system and monitor the water performance of your spa. Having this problem will cause the Hi-Limit switch to trip and malfunction, as it is known as the no-flow condition.

Take note:

tub-familyThis procedure should be done by qualified personnel, as it may cause serious injuries even damages to your equipment if not done properly. If you’re doing it by yourself, we are assuming that you have great experience in dealing with electrical equipments, and you are also equipped with the right tools to do the task. We will not be held liable with your action, as this article serves only as a guide for people who knows what they are doing. If you are not sure about what you are doing, then it is best that you get help from a professional electrician or spa repair company. Also, before touching any equipments of your spa, it is best to check the warranty to avoid voiding them.

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