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Troubleshooting Guide for Hot Tub Equipments

Troubleshooting Guide for Hot Tub Equipments

Maintenance and repair is part of owning a hot tub, as it may have several issues in its components due to aging. A hot tub will show symptoms when problem arise, and it is important to take note of the symptoms to know the proper treatment for your spa.

Below are some symptoms of malfunctioning hot tub and its corresponding treatments. This guide will also show you what parts of your spa are causing the problem. If you want to know more, a good hot tub resource is

The end of heat cycle continuously trips


The components of the spa that might be causing this problem are the high-limit switch, pump, heater element, and filter cartridge. To solve this problem, follow the troubleshooting guide below.

  • First step is to monitor the high limit switch within a few minutes of activating the heater. If there seems to be a hindrance to the water flow, then inspect the filters of your spa. To check it, you will have to remove the filter and monitor the water flow. If the water flow became normal after removing the filters, thoroughly clean the filter cartridge or replace it if needed.
  • If the problem still persists even if you remove the filters of your spa, disconnect the spa from its power source then remove the suction end pipe of the pump. Inspect if there are any debris or any elements that are obstructing the movements of the impeller, also check if the impeller is damaged. Replace if needed.
  • The heater element should not be touching the sides of the heater manifold, as it may also cause the problem. If you saw this scenario in your hot tub, move the heater element from the manifold using a long screw driver. But make sure that you turned off the spa, and already disconnected from the main power source.
  • If you have performed thorough inspections on all the spa components above and they are all in good condition, replace the high limit switch.

The insulation melted

The components associated with this issue are the terminal connections due to loose connections. However, this problem cannot be solved by just retightening the connection due to the oxidized copper wires. This will result in the increase of internal resistance causing more heat. Replacing the old wires is the best solution for this problem.

Blower is not working

Check the power of the blower and turn it on, if it’s not working unplug it from the spa and head over to the blower air switch for inspection. You’ll notice that there’s an output/input indicator located that the blower air switch; if it checks good at input, but bad on the output, you’ll have to purchase a new air switch. However, if both input and output are marked bad, then there’s an internal wiring issues. Use a multi meter to inspect if all the wirings are in good condition.

The blower cord may also be the one causing the problem. Simply try to use another blower cord if it’s working properly or use a multi meter to measure the resistance of the cord.

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