Ariel BT-084-2017 Whirlpool Bathtub

Whirlpool bathtub dimensions 61.2″ x 61.2″ x 29.3″ material acrylic reinforced fiberglass Jetted tub system 15 jets total with 7 large water jets and 8 bottom air jets Waterfall 3.7 gallons per minute, handheld shower 3.7 gallons per minute and bathtub holds 92 gallons
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The Ariel bt-084-2017 whirlpool bathtub will add luxury and offer without equal in relaxation for enjoyment in your house bathroom. This spa holds as much as 92 gal. Of water and includes 2 headrests to accommodate 2 people within the unit. The acrylic and fiber glass construction is easy to wash and has a long life. 15 jet system is controlled by means of the computer keep an eye on panel. The audio function is controlled with the usage of the computer keep an eye on panel. The solid brass tub filler and the 5 mm tempered glass panel at the front of the unit add unique accents to this whirlpool bathtub model. Indulge within the elegance and relaxation to be had to you with the Ariel bt-084-2017 whirlpool bathtub. Controls the water temperature display, water pump, air blower, heater FM/Bluetooth, LED underwater light, color and brightness adjustable. 2 removable cushioned pillows. Thermostatic switch- used for water temperature adjustment, temperature sensor displays at the keep an eye on panel 220 v installation 30 amp breaker, vertical touch screen keep an eye on panel.

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Ariel BT-084-2017 Whirlpool Bathtub Reviews & Tips

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