Carver Tubs – AR7136 Hygenic Aqua Massage 6 Jet Whirlpool Bathtub

American Made- Direct from Our Factory – Customization and Special Options Available 3 Speed Control Quiet Motor – low, medium & high motor control and Suction & Air controls Manufactured and assembled in the United States of America
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AR7236 Drop In Acrylic Bathtub 72″ Long x 36” Wide x 18” Deep

The AR7236 is one of our most popular tub models. The long length fits nicely into just about any size bathroom and is a comfortable fit for people of all heights. Built-in arm rests offer an enhanced level of relaxation.
  • Drain/Overflow Not Included and Un-Drilled
  • Manufactured and assembled in the United States of America
  • Made with the highest quality Acrylic that never loses color
  • Slip Resistant Bottom
Available As: Soaking, Heated Whirlpool, Whirlpool, Air Massage, Vibrosonic Massage, Bluetooth Speakers, Chromatherapy & More!6 or 12 Jet Whirlpool Carver’s exclusive “V” body design jets force water to drain from the Whirlpool Bathtub’s pipes into the bathtub, ensuring a dry, clean system. All of Carver Tub’s Whirlpool Motors operate on a 110V outlet. The Whirlpool Motor is mounted to the tub and comes with standard 3 prong cord. Carver’s V Jets adjust to any direction. Designed to target stress points in your legs and produce a strong, soothing massage. Our V Jets can be turned & rotated to control the water flow.Heated 20 Jet Air Massage Carver Tub’s 100% hygienic heated air massage is a completely waterless alternative or addition to traditional whirlpool jets. Our heated air massage system provides a gentle hydrotherapy massage that allows you to turn your bathroom into a luxurious spa-like experience. Immerse yourself in millions of tiny warm air bubbles and relax to a soft tissue massage that aids in pain relief, muscle relaxation, and promotes oxygen and blood flow in your body.Vibrosonic Massage Carver Tub’s exclusive Vibrosonic Massage System offers various levels of power to alleviate discomfort, soreness, and tenderness. The massage system offers different speeds and types of Shiatsu massages to reduce pain and tension where you need it most.Heater, Heated Bathtub, Tub Heater, Inline Heater, Tee Heater, Heated Tub Bluetooth Speakers, Bathtub with Speakers, Tub with Bluetooth, bathtub music Chromatherapy, Bathtub Lights, Light Therapy, Homeopathy, Bathtub Light System, Tub with LightsBathtub Heater Carver’s bathtub heater is an option that has been specifically designed to enhance enjoyment of your whirlpool bathtub. Once filled, the warm, relaxing temperature of your whirlpool bath is constantly maintained by the built-in thermostat, for as long as your desire.Wave Sound Bluetooth Speaker System Our Wave Sound Speaker system is connected by Bluetooth to your electronic device that can easily be controlled through an electronic keypad or mobile device. Small yet powerful, these 25W speakers direct the sound towards the inside of the bathtub, enveloping the bather with the sound of music.Chromatherapy Light Therapy System 7 dramatic lighting effects, 21 Total Colors. We install 4 small lights in the bathtub and it comes with a simple push button control for various light settings. Multiple color options and lighting variations. Perfect complement to our soaking, whirlpool and air massage bathtubs. LED’s last over 100,000 hours. Benefits: Reduced Swelling and Decreased Inflammation, Pain Relief, Accelerated Healing, Decreased Muscle Tension, Improved Circulation, Mood Regulation, Improved Sleeping Patterns, Relief of Seasonal Affective Disorder, & Anti-Aging Benefits

Why Choose Carver Tubs

Green Technology Our impact on the earth is very important to us. We use 25% recycled materials on all our custom made drop-in tubs and our acrylic process is one of the only ones in the industry to have zero carbon emissions. We’re proud to support our environment and the health of our employees through responsible manufacturing practices.Hygienic Water Systems Carver’s exclusive “V” body design jets force water to drain from the Whirlpool Bathtub’s pipes into the bathtub, resulting in a dry, clean system.Proudly USA Made Each Carver Tub Drop In Tub is Manufactured Right here in the USA. Every part, component, and accessory are American Made.Your Home Spa Treat yourself to a luxury you can afford with a new Carver Tub. Enhance your bathing experience with whirlpool technology, vibrosonic massage, air massage, heaters, aromatherapy, chromotherapy, and more.AR7136 is the flagship model for the 70-inch length and 36-inch width tub models in our line. The slight taper to the backrest of this tub permits you to soak in comfort for hours! Whirlpool Bathtubs are regularly used in medical rehab for muscle stimulation and providing deep tissue massage. Our Whirlpool Bathing Systems provide in home therapeutic relief for sore muscles, achy joints, arthritis, and strenuous physical activity. Our Massage Jets are ergonomically placed to provide optimal therapy, but can also be adjusted to target each individual aching muscle. Additionally, each jet can be turned on or off, and are easily removed for a quick cleaning in your dishwasher. Our quiet motors feature a variable speed Keep an eye on, giving you over 6 different Jet pressure settings to make a choice from. At Carver Tubs we consider that quality and cleanliness go hand in hand in creating a relaxing bathing experience. Every Carver Tub is hand built and we use custom shaped, hard piping that is formed to follow the natural contour and curves of your bathtub. This process ensures that every last drop of water drains from our systems to offer protection to against mold, mildew, algae, and fungi that are common in other jetted tubs in the marketplace. We use the highest quality acrylic that is at all times warm to the touch and never looses its original color. Because acrylic is a non-porous material this can be very easy to clean but also durable. Drop in bathtubs have a finished rim and are designed to Ôdrop inÕ to a tub deck, alcove, or custom surround. We consider in giving you the foundation to create your ideal bathroom. Our tubs can easily accommodate any faucet style, but do not come pre-drilled with any faucet holes. We recommend you check Houzz for style ideas and faucet locations. If you live in a colder climate, we recommend adding an Inline Heater to maintain your bathtubÕs water temperature. Please do not hesitate to call or message us with special requests! American Made- Direct from Our Factory – Customization and Special Options Available 3 Speed Keep an eye on Quiet Motor – low, medium & high motor Keep an eye on and Suction & Air controls Manufactured and assembled in the United States of The united states Slip resistant bottom with sanitary drain design – Semi gloss finish that allows color to never fade 71 9/16th-inch Length by 36-inch Width by 18-inch Height

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