KOOSOM Luxury Hot Tub 5 Person Jakuzi Whirlpool Outdoor Spa

  • KOOSOM hot tub has ergonomically designed seats, 75 massage jets. The spacious corner house with neck and shoulder massage might be a favourite for everybody.
  • Color Therapy Lighting fixtures: Distinctive waterline Lighting fixtures makes positive that you just loosen up no longer simplest your body, but mentally as well.Now our Light System has 7 different color and regulate by the GECKO system.
  • Free Spa Cover: Weather Resistant Polyester, Weather Resistant, Out of doors Living Covers.With an insulation price of R19 and constructed from quality top-density foam and marine-grade vinyl, our lightweight jacuzzi covers are designed to fasten within the warmth and stay out the cold.
  • Superfine Clear out and Ozone Generator: to supply exceptionally fine quality crystal-transparent bathing water.
  • Practicality and Comfort: 3 same old seats and 2 living room seat, which means that even a bigger group can revel in best possible comfort.


KOOSOM Luxury Hot Tub 5 Person Jakuzi Whirlpool Outdoor Spa Tub Freestanding Bathtub in Garden, 75 Jets Massage for 82-Inch Square with LED Lights, White Cloud + Black

The main feature of our product, apart from its 82 x 82 inches space requirement, is that it has 3 standard seats and 2 lounge seat, meaning that even a larger group can enjoy perfect comfort. The soft, yet modernistic design ensures that the exterior will be to your liking as well. Great advantages, 5 seats, all in a model with low space requirements!

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