Largo 3-Person Lounger Hot Tub with Ozone

Dimensions: eighty five” L x sixty three”W x 36″ H 3 Living room Seats 26 Therapeutic massage Jets 3kW Titanium Heater LED Lights Bluetooth Speaker Ozone Cleansing Gadget Anti-Freeze Coverage Insulated Spa Quilt and Steps Integrated! A $495 Worth.


The Largo 3-person home spa with cloud grey interior features multiple lounge seating options. The Largo’s 26 massage jets offer a lot of massaging options in a compact design. The extended lounge seating provides plenty of room to stretch out and relax. The multi-color underwater LED lighting system will provide a relaxing environment while the strategically positioned back, foot and leg massage jets provide a complete lower body massage. Includes UV rated insulated spa cover and premium steps. A $495 value!

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