Luxuria Spas Envy 5-Person 56-Jet Double Lounger Hot Tub

79 in. X 79 in. X 32 in. Double Lounger Spa with seating capability for 5 folks 56 Hydrotherapeutic Stainless Metal Jets offering an impressive complete-frame therapeutic massage 1-6HP Prime Efficiency Pump 240V/40A 3kW Stainless Metal heating component, successfully keeping up preferred water temperature Multi-Coloured internal LED lights with LED water characteristic and LED beverage holders Virtual Regulate Panel with programmable operation modes for optimized power use


Luxuria Spas Envy 5-Person 56-Jet Double Lounger Hot Tub with Ozonator

With Luxuria Spas, you will find relaxation, happiness, and health that you can share with your friends and family. Our hydrotherapy jets providing a soothing massage through our stainless steel and fully-adjustable jets, designed to target the key areas, where you can use the relief the most. Your spa experience is in your hands with our easy-to-use digital topside controls, relaxation is at the touch of a button. Our interior LED lighting system that will illuminate your hot tub with beautiful LED back-lighting for the hydro-stream waterfalls and diverter valves. To reduce maintenance and improve the cleanliness of your spa, Luxuria Spas come with an ozone sanitation system. To ensure the safety of use, our spas come with a locking spa cover that features a tapered design for water and debris runoff as well as insulation within the cover to better insulate your spa. All hot tubs are reinforced with a high resistance acrylic shell, durable frame, and UV-resistant and maintenance-free cabinets which come together to make your spa the centerpiece of your home space or backyard. We are excited to welcome you to our family at Luxuria Spas, where luxury meets affordability!

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