Waters Choice Spa Start Up and Water Maintenance Kit 6 Month Supply

All Natural Spa Enzyme Treatment Safe and Effective, Easy Maintenance Minimizes Chlorine Use


WATERS CHOICE SPA START-UP KIT (Six-month supply of enzymes) This kit includes everything you need to start up and take care of your hot tub, all in one box. Simplify hot tub maintenance routines with Waters Choice. Waters choice Pure Enzymes is a unique blend of enzymes that keep your spa water clean, clear, and soft. With this product you can dramatically reduce the amount of chlorine you use in your hot tub and eliminate the need for other harsh chemicals. Leave behind the days of irritating, strong-smelling chemicals, and spend more time enjoying your spa. Using Waters Choice enzymes will leave your water, skin, nose, and wallet feeling great. Waters Choice Spa Startup kits are available in a one-month, three-month, six-month, and seven-month supply and provide you with everything you need for a clean, healthy, and natural-feeling hot tub. To use – Pour one full bottle of our Pure Enzymes for Spas in your spa once a month. Use pH Up and pH Down as needed to adjust pH (keep it between 7.2 and 7.6). Use Sanitizer as needed. Kit Contents: 6 – 12 oz Pure Enzymes for Spas 1 – 20 oz. PH Increaser 1 – 20 oz. PH Decreaser 1 – 16 oz. Sanitizer Test Strips (50 strips) Instructions for using Waters Choice enzymes. More benefits include the following – Pumps, heaters, and jets will last longer. Filters won’t get clogged, resulting in increased water flow and circulation. Pillows and covers will not deteriorate as quickly.All Herbal Spa Enzyme Remedy Secure and Efficient, Simple Repairs Minimizes Chlorine Use Saves money and time Package Has The whole thing You Want to Care for Your Spa For 6 Months

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