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Hot Tubs Spa with Outdoor TV and DVD Best Hot Tub Prices

View our hot tubs spa selection below with the full sound system and outdoor TV options. This hot, new trend is taking the U.S. hot tub scene by storm. With our cheap hot tub prices, you're free to customize your hot tubs spa exactly the way you want - from color, power, right down to the sound system. These flat screen outdoor TV wonders are waterproof and remote-controlled, so just lay back in your new hot tubs spa, sip some wine and watch your favorite movie with your loved one or friends. At unbeatable hut tub prices, it just can't get any better...

Island Escape Spas, Great Lakes Hot Tubs, and Dynasty Spa Entertainment

There are so many ways to be entertained while sitting back and relaxing in your Island Escape or Dynasty spa. We have discussed some Island Escape and Great Lakes hot tubs entertainment ideas in previous chapters such as installing TV, DVD, audio systems, or LED lighting systems. All of these Dynasty spa features are great additions to add on to a hot tub for a higher price, but there are some other entertainment options in Island Escape and Great Lakes hot tubs we haven't discussed yet.

One form of entertainment comes from games. The Island Escape and Dynasty spa is the ideal place to play games since it a place where there is a number of people gathered around facing each other. It's a great time to socialize, but why not add a game into the mix? Many companies have caught on to this and have manufactured 100% water proof games. For example, the infamous game from childhood, Uno, has created a deck of playing cards that are water proof so they won't mold or sag. If you're not a fan of Uno there are regular playing card decks available that are also 100% water proof. These water proof decks of cards are a great way to get your friends together to play a game of poker in the Dynasty spa or Island Escape spa. Furthermore, there are floating board games as well. You can play checkers right there in the middle of your Dynasty spa since every playing piece is completely water proof.

Lastly we will discuss hot tub Kama Sutra. Let's face it; hot tubs such as Island Escape and Great Lakes hot tubs are a renowned place for romantic activity since it is a place of intimacy and relaxation. Cosmopolitan has turned the hot tub into the ultimate place for foreplay ever since they published their short book, "Cosmo's Aqua Kama Sutra." This book contains 25 different sexual positions that are specifically tailored to hot tubs such as Island Escape spas and Great Lakes hot tubs. While this all sounds like fun, there are some serious precautions to acknowledge before engaging in Island Escape and Dynasty spa sex. It can be a place for discomfort, infection, and it is not an effective method of birth control. But all in all, the Island Escape and Dynasty spa has taken its relaxation image to a whole new level with all the different entertainment options it has to offer.

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