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Whether you already own hot tubs wholesale or you are looking to purchase one, bear in mind adding a waterfall to your spa or Hydrospas is a great way to add tranquility to your home. The hot tubs wholesale waterfall is the perfect way to mimic nature and make you feel like you are anywhere but your own backyard.

Beautiful LED Waterfall

There are a couple options available to you when you are searching for an Island Escape spa or Hydrospas waterfall. There are different sizes available so you will have to decide if you want a larger waterfall that will create a powerful noise or if you want a smaller, more quiet and soothing waterfall. Also, you have the option of having more than one waterfall in your hot tubs wholesale.
Some of the newer Island Escape spas and Hydrospas waterfall systems have the option of setting it on a timer. If you know exactly what time you will be using your hot tubs wholesale during the day, simply set the timer and it is ready for enjoyment. You could set it for when you get home from a long day at work and then it will go to work immediately to relieve your stress from the day.
Another innovative feature you can add to your Island Escape spas or Hydrospas waterfall is LED lights. The lights can come in an array of colors and just like the timer they can be programmed to change whenever you want. Imagine relaxing in your hot tubs wholesale and enjoying colors like amber, blue, and green appearing behind your Island Escape spas or Hydrospas waterfall for enjoyment. The nice thing about this as well is that if it changes to a color you like, you can stop it at that color that is the best match with your mood and preference. With many of these systems, you can also adjust the level of brightness for helping to create whatever mood you are in.
One of the main benefits from an Island Escape Spa or Hydrospas waterfall is the sound it creates. It emulates a calm and soothing atmosphere where you will forget you are at your own home and will feel like you are in a tropical rainforest. These hot tubs wholesale waterfalls simply work by being fed by streams of water in a channel extending around the back of the Island Escape spa or Hydrospas.
You could even use the Island Escape and Hydrospas waterfall as a tool for hydrotherapy. Since the waterfall is positioned above the water line and sends water cascading down in an arch shape, it is the perfect shape for you to position your shoulders underneath so you can get a light massage. Another nice aspect of this waterfall is that you can adjust the water flow. If you want a more gentle water flow for the purpose of listening to the calming sound of trickling water, then you would put it at a low level water flow. But if you are using the hot tubs wholesale waterfall for massage purposes, then you might want to set the water flow at a higher level so that it will give you a higher pressure massage.

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