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Jets are an essential part of the Coleman SaluSpa Hot tubs and Home and Garden Spas experience since they offer many of the therapeutic aspects. There are interchangeable, massaging, adjustable, and even moving-type jets that cater to the back, legs and neck. The jets in an Coleman SaluSpa spa or Home and Garden Spas enable it to be used for massages ranging from vigorous and powerful to gentle if you want a relaxing soak in your custom spas. When shopping for new Coleman SaluSpa Hot tubs and Home and Garden Spas, you will find it very helpful to already have an idea of what kind of jets you want, since there is so many to choose from.

The function of the jets in custom spas is both to provide a massaging movement of the water and also to move the water through the filter. It’s hard to believe with all the hot tubs there are today, but some of the very first wooden hot tubs only had one jet! But now today, with modern innovations, hot tubs online can have over 100 jets if you prefer it. The type of jet, whether it is directional, mini, swirling, pulsing, whirlpool, volcano, moving, massage, shoulder or neck determines the different ways your hot tub can be used and which parts of the body you prefer to be affected.

Depending upon what purpose you want your hot tub to serve, you may want to combine a neck massage with a whirlpool motion or you might want swirling water with a powerful pulsing on your shoulders. The design is really up to you when it comes to custom spas. This is the nice thing about purchasing a hot tub in modern times because customization has become so common and available, that you can create the perfect amount of custom spas jets for you and your lifestyle. Hot tubs online allow you to make custom spas in no time. Plus, the more varied jets you have in your custom spas, the greater your choices of how you use your tub. It is the size of the jet that controls the pressure; therefore, a larger jet will create a more powerful pressure in hot tubs online. Nowadays most jets have venture air injection. This is the process of mixing air with the water and it gives a feeling of more pressure from the jets. Also, the increasing number of jets requested in hot tubs online has caused the use of more than one pump to become more widespread. A larger number of jets and two pumps allow more variations in the way your hot tubs online feel. You can have the option to run just one pump if you have a large custom spas and every seat isn’t filled up.

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The main culprit for jet failure is water intrusion and this is cured by replacing the jet air blower. Once again, you should always turn all the power off. Locate the air blower within the side equipment access door. First step is to remove the old air blower from your Coleman SaluSpa or Home and Garden Spas. You can do this by disconnecting the air duct hose from the blower’s exhaust port, unplugging the blower’s electrical cable from the Coleman SaluSpa or Home and Garden Spas control pack, and then removing the mounting bolts. Similar to the pump installation, you just work in reverse to install the new air blower. A helpful tip while inserting the new part in your custom spas is to insert the air blower with it’s exhaust pointing downward so that no water can make its way into the new blower. This is extremely important because water intrusion is the main source of jet failure in Coleman SaluSpa or Home and Garden Spas.

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