Seating Designs for 110v Hot Tubs

The seating scheme in 110v hot tubs will also play a huge role in deciding which hot tub is right for you and hot tubs ratings. For example, how many seats do you want? Do you like to spread out while you’re enjoying your 110v hot tubs? These questions will play a part in your decisions. You’ll want to keep note of where the jets will hit your body when you are seated in Island Escape and Marquis hot tubs. Are they low enough? Are they high enough? These are all valid questions to ask yourself when making your decision. The following is a list of the different types of Island Escape and Marquis hot tubs seats based on hot tubs ratings that are available to you:

Lounge Seats for 110v Hot Tubs: More and more hot tubs are designed these seats which are styled after chaise lounges. Your back will be in a reclined position while your feet remain on the floor. There are even hot tubs available that have dual lounge seats (recliners right next to one another) so you can enjoy your hot tub right next to a loved one.
Bench Seats for Island Escape Spas or Marquis Hot Tubs: Hot tubs ratings have shown this is the most commonly used type of seat is the bench seat. This is the type that has you positioned straight up with your feet flat on the ground. These tend to be very effective when combined with the hot tub jets.

Pivot Seats for 110v Hot Tubs: These seats allow you to pivot. This means that you can be in one position receiving a hydrotherapy massage from one jet and then you simply pivot (or turn your body) into another position and you are receiving hydrotherapy from a different jet.

Therapy Seats for Island Escape Spas or Marquis Hot Tubs: Hot tubs ratings have shown these seats may be one of the most sought after seats because they are designated seats for the intense, more concentrated hydrotherapy. These seats are particularly important to “test drive” to see where the jets will be hitting your back and if it is at a position you like.
Cool Down Seats for 110v Hot Tubs: This may sound like an oxymoron at first, but these seats are specifically designed to ease the temperature shock you experience when getting in and out of the Marquis hot tubs. They are set to be cooler than the rest of the hot tub so it is easier to get in and out.

Head Rests for Island Escape Spas or Marquis Hot Tubs: A lot of hot tubs offer a pillow nowadays. They even come bolted into the hot tub to make sure they don’t float away from the back of your neck!
Some spa manufacturers have created 110v hot tubs seats that are sculpted to cradle your whole body. This ensures full body comfort and pleasure. These seats also help fight against some of the buoyancy your body experiences while submerged so that you aren’t exerting energy just to stay in the water. There is also a convenient, built-in rail that is caringly positioned to help you get into and out of the 110v hot tubs corner seat.

According to hot tubs ratings a new accessory that is becoming popular for tub seats is booster seat cushions. These can boost you up out of the water a bit further if you are feeling too submerged in the water and they add extra comfort if you feel as though the Island Escape or Marquis hot tubs shell is too hard. Some people even use these as a back support.

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