Hot Tub Filters

Filter Information for Hot Tubs: Including In Ground Hot Tubs and Softside Hot Tubs

Filters are a very important component of your hot tub, including in ground hot tubs and softside hot tubs. They work to make sure all the water is cleared of contaminating components and they are directly related to how hard the softside hot tubs pump has to work as well. Basically, if your filter is damaged or dirty, it will affect the rest of your hot tub. HotTubsDepot advises these two cleaning routines you should follow when it comes to the in ground hot tubs and softside hot tubs filters:

1. Replace your in ground hot tubs filter every year

2.Clean your filter every time you change the water

The typical lifespan of your filter is about a year. If you’ve had your filter over a year, it is recommended to replace it immediately. If the filter is not working at its peak performance, you run the risk of allowing algae, leaves, bacteria, hair, oils, dead skin, bugs, dissolved solids, and any other debris get into your softside hot tubs water and continue to circulate unless cleaned.

When cleaning your in ground hot tubs filter, Hot Tub Depot recommends using the rotation system. The rotation system is simply having a spare filter lined up for use when you take your old one out for cleaning. This way you’ll never have to wait to use your in ground hot tubs (while the old filter is being cleaned overnight) and dry filters are more effective at destroying contaminants. Plus, this will make the life of your filter seem longer since you are really using two filters instead of just one. The filter cartridges should be rinsed every two weeks or so, just to remove any debris that may have gotten jammed. But every three to four months and with every water change, the filter should be rinsed as well as soaked overnight in a filter cleaning compound.

There are a few different filters you can choose from. It’s up to you to choose which one works best for your hot tub water. Below has listed each with a brief description:

1. Diatomaceous Earth Filters
Works as an adhesive thereby catching ultra small particles in the water

It is organic and non-polluting

However, this filter can be difficult to dispose of because of municipalities or other environmental authorities (since these filters are composed of crushed petrified bones)

2. Sand Filters

Natural and gentle on your in ground hot tubs
However, some smaller particles can escape through the sand filtering system

3.Cartridge Filters (the most common of all spa filters)

Made with a fine, pleated mesh material that works well with capturing small particles.

Has tight pleats that allow for a large amount of material to be used in a small container, and more material used, the larger the surface area used to catch all the particles.

There are also a few things we recommends that will help extend the life of your filter and some things to keep in mind while operating your in ground hot tubs to help the efficiency of the filter.

Do not use any sort of soap based cleaners when cleaning your filter. There are cleaning compounds designed specifically for softside hot tubs filter.
Run the in ground hot tubs water for an hour a day to get good circulation going to filter out any debris in the spa water.

Don’t use a power washer or a dishwasher when cleaning your softside hot tubs filter.

Maintain proper water chemistry and balance continuously.

Follow the rotation system when changing your hot tub filter

Proper care of your hot tub filter will make the periodic maintenance of your hot tub go a lot smoother and will save you maintenance costs in the long run.

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