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Routine maintenance of your Jacuzzi spas and Essential hot tubs cover is important because spa covers (if not taken care of properly) can hold a lot of bacteria that will continually contaminate your Jacuzzi or Essential hot tubs water and not make it worth your hot tub price. The routine monthly cleaning of your round hot tubs cover is as follows:

  • With a garden hose, rinse off the round hot tubs cover with cold water
  • Spray the round hot tubs cover with a moderate, non-foaming clean and wipe thoroughly
  • Rinse again completely and allow the cover to dry completely

However, if your Jacuzzi hot tubs or Essential hot tubs cover is giving off a distinct odor and looks like it may be carrying unwanted bacteria or mildew, follow the steps below to restore it back to its original health:

  • Unzip the vinyl jacket and remove the foam core of your round hot tubs cover
  • Clean the inside of the jacket with a disinfectant
    Then spray off surfaces of round hot tubs cover with a garden hose
  • Towel dry everything to make sure no more moisture is present (sunlight exposure also helps)
  • Once jacket and core are completely dry, put the jacket back on the core and zip it up

Continual preservation of the round hot tubs cover is also something to consider making it worth the hot tub price. First off, there are protectants available that act as a sunscreen for the Jacuzzi or Essential hot tubs spa cover to avoid discolouration from the sunlight and prevent cracking due to the intense UV rays. In turn, this will make your Jacuzzi hot tub or Essential hot tubs cover look as if it’s new, even if it is a few years old. It is important to apply the protectant every month during hot summer months and every three to four months the remainder of the year. However beware of any type of cover protectant that contains oils that leave a waxy feel or contain petroleum distillates, because these will damage the vinyl of your round hot tubs cover.

Some other preservation tactics worth mentioning are protecting the foam core, dealing with water intrusion, and fixing small holes and tears. The core of Jacuzzi and Essential hot tubs covers are made up of a material called polystyrene, which is susceptible to breaking if not properly treated. Never allow the round hot tubs cover to be in the position where it is easily stepped on or subjected to severe heat, and keep the cover out of harms way for anything that could puncture it. Keep away from pets that may scratch or chew their way to the core as well. As a result, water may make its way into the core and then you’ll have a waterlogged spa cover. You don’t want to have to purchase a new cover which would add even more to the hot tub price.

A waterlogged spa cover is a huge burden. This makes the Jacuzzi spa or Essential hot tubs cover hard to maneuver and can create buildup of mildew. If there is mildew forming inside the core, it will give off unpleasant odors and will create harmful microorganisms that can contaminate the Jacuzze spa or Essential hot tubs water. Also, if your round hot tubs cover is waterlogged, it begins to sag inward. Not only is this aesthetically unlikable, but it will increase the chances of more cover damage as well. When the cover starts to sag, it accumulates water on top of the cover which creates more weight and makes it sag even more. Ultimately, you want to keep the cover and its core as dry as possible at all times.

Intrusion of water can be avoided by fixing any holes or tears you notice on the exterior of the spa cover. Once you locate the exact location of the tear or hole, drain as much moisture out as possible before patching it up. Once the moisture is removed, you are ready to patch up the hole. There are vinyl patches available that stick right to the cover and don’t allow any more water to seep in. When applying the patch, be sure that the surface you are putting it on is completely dry and clean of any dirt. This will ensure that the patch will stick completely and not budge once on the round hot tubs cover.

Lastly, we will share some helpful tips to avoid any Jacuzzi spa or Essential hot tubs cover rips and tears:

  • Use the handles of the spa cover when opening and closing your round hot tubs
  • Don’t lift your round hot tubs cover by the skirting, it is not strong enough and likely will tear after time
  • Never drag the spa cover across the ground
  • Keep pets away from the cover
  • Maintain correct water chemical balance since too much bromine, chlorine, or shock can damage the vinyl
  • Make sure all cover latches are securely tightened in order to avoid wind damage

If you follow the above maintenance steps when caring for your hot tub cover, you will have a long lasting, new looking cover and this will make it worth the hot tub price.

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