General Manufacturing Information for Discount Spas and Hot Tubs

Discount spas, such as Bestway spas and hot tubs manufacturing basically takes place in four different steps:

1. Vacuum Formation of the Bestway Spas
If using an acrylic medium when creating the Bestway spas shell, it is first vacuumed into shape. This is done by putting an acrylic sheet into a discount spas and hot tubs vacuuming machine where it is then heated at 395 degrees Fahrenheit and melted to the point of being semi-molten. Then the semi-molten sheet is stretched over a vacuum machine mold. The acrylic sags down into the mold and then the underside is sucked into the vacuum mold to fit it perfectly. Then it is here where you let the acrylic cool and then we’ll remove it so it can be prepared into a Bestway spas structure.

2. Fiberglass and Framing of the Discount Spas and Hot Tubs
This is the step in the process where laminate of resin and fiberglass are applied to the acrylic in a Bestway spas mold. The most crucial laminate is the very first one that you’ll apply because it is bonding the two surfaces together. It is a heavy duty resin called vinyl ester and it bonds the acrylic and fiberglass together chemically and mechanically. This will also act as a vapor barrier which will prevent bubbles from forming in the future life of your discount spas and hot tubs. Some manufacturers apply a foam center at this step, but this is usually not a good choice as it will inhibit any plumbing operations you may need in the future.

3. Plumbing and Insulation for the Bestway Spas Jets
This is the step in the process where you’ll eliminate the edge of the Bestway spas shell and drill holes for the water and air jets. This is where it is important to place the jets strategically around the shell in order for the discount spas and hot tubs to give the most effective hydrotherapy it can. To do this, you’ll put one inch of insulation on Bestway spas shells. This is the equivalent to 4 inches of fiberglass insulation or 2½ inches of high density polystyrene which is what majority of discount spas and hot tubs are made out of. You’ll want to provide lots of insulation for the really cold environments.

4. Discount Spas and Hot Tubs Water Testing and Final Inspection
This fourth and final step starts with water testing. This is where Bestway spas are filled with water to make sure there are no hidden leaks occurring in a Bestway spas shell. If there are no leaks, then you’ll want to attach the exterior cabinet of the discount spas and hot tubs. Then lastly, Bestway spas are checked intensively for leaks, scratches or anything else new discount spas and hot tubs should not have.

These are some brief steps of the discount spas and hot tubs manufacturing process, so keep in mind; it may vary from company to company. During these steps, Bestway spas companies have the chance to perfect their hot tubs and make sure they are the best possible quality before they are available to the consumer.

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