Periodic Maintenance after you Buy a Hot Tub

Periodic Maintenance after you Buy a Hot Tub

The five most vital periodic maintenance procedures to know when you buy portable hot tubs to ensure a long life for them and to avoid blemished hot tubs are filters, covers, draining, winterization, and shell maintenance. The lifespan of a Jacuzzi filter is about one year. However, every time the hot tub water is being changed, you should switch out the filter being used with a new, dry one. In turn, you will never have to wait to use the hot tub and the filters will have a longer lifespan. Plus, the dry filter works to kill any microorganisms that are lurking in the spa. Hot tub manufacturers recommend replacing the filter after one year since a hot tub filter is made of a fibrous material that slowly loosens over time, where larger spaces develop that can suck in particles to clog up the pump. In the end, if the spa pump is affected, this will result in a costly situation since hot tub pumps do not come at a cheap price. Furthermore, the filter cartridges should be rinsed every two weeks and soaked overnight every three to four months as routine protection as well.

Another important thing to know about hot tubs is continual preservation of the spas & hot tubs cover. First off, there are protectants available that act as a sunscreen for the spa & hot tubs cover to avoid discoloration from the sunlight and prevent cracking due to the intense UV rays. In turn, this will make your spas & hot tubs cover look as if it’s new, even if it is a few years old. It is important to apply the protectant every month during hot summer months and every three to four months the remainder of the year. Hot tub manufacturers also recommend some other preservation tactics such as protecting the foam core, dealing with water intrusion, and fixing small holes and tears. The core of spa covers are made up of a material called polystyrene, which is susceptible to breaking if not properly treated. Never allow the spa cover be in the position where it is easily stepped on or subjected to severe heat, and keep the cover out of harms way for anything that could puncture it. As a result, water may make its way into the core and then you’ll have a waterlogged spa cover. This makes the cover hard to maneuver and can create buildup of mildew. This can be avoided by fixing any holes or tears you notice on the exterior of the spas & hot tubs cover. There are vinyl patches available that stick right to the cover and don’t allow any more water to seep in.

So how often should you drain your hot tub? That can depend on a few things. Hot tub manufacturers suggest people who buy direct hot tubs drain their hot tubs every two to four months; however this can change depending upon how often it is being used and how many people are going into it. Obviously the more it is being used, the dirtier it is becoming, thereby making the routine draining more frequent. Another thing we will discuss about hot tubs is winterization and preparing your spa for the winter months by draining all the water out of it, therefore this is irrelevant for an indoor Jacuzzi. First you’ll have to determine if you will be using your spa during winter. If not, it would be best to drain it, especially for soft hot tubs. By draining the outdoor spas, you would be conserving energy and saving money on costs of supplies. Also, by not draining, the hot tubs are vulnerable to freeze damage which consists of damage to the jets, pipes, pumps, manifolds, heaters and blower channels and blower manifolds. It also creates cracks in the spa shell and the spa steps. It would be very tedious and costly to fix all of those malfunctions.

Lastly, the fifth significant feature we will discuss about hot tubs is periodic maintenance of the shell of the hot tubs because blemished hot tubs are never okay. People who buy direct hot tubs are at risk for spa scum lines, scale lines, and mineral deposits that build up on the shell of hot tubs over time, so for that reason it is important to upkeep regular maintenance. These deposits are fairly easy to get rid of with an acrylic brightener and there is Thermo Gloss available to seal the shell surface and hide minor scratches. This also works as a preventative measure against the mineral buildups on soft hot tubs. Use these products every two to four months when you do the routine tub drain. All in all, if you buy direct hot tubs and do habitual safeguarding with these five elements, your hot tub is assured a longer, healthier life and you’ll have the best hot tub you can possibly maintain.

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