Hot Tubs Depot Intoxication Safety when using Lifesmart Spas

Since Inflatable Hot Tubs and Lifesmart spas are the ultimate place for relaxation, it is no surprise that many people will take it as an opportunity to have a glass of wine or a beer while using it to relax. Or since the Lifesmart spas are a very common place for parties, there most likely will be drinking involved. Therefore Hot Tubs Depot wants to acknowledge that it is very important to understand the safety that goes along with drinking in Lifesmart spas and hot tub intoxication.

Hot Tubs Depot wants to remind people, it is very easy to get carried away with drinking in an Inflatable Hot Tubs or Lifesmart spas. One minute you can be having a glass of wine, and the next you may feel more intoxicated than you normally would after one glass. No, you are not going crazy; the effect of alcohol consumption in the Hot Tubs Depot will alter your normal alcohol tolerance. The heat from the Lifesmart spas accelerates effects of alcohol and can lead to unconsciousness. Hot Tubs Depot stresses that this is especially dangerous for an alcoholic because they are already dehydrated with a decreased blood volume therefore the alcoholic will dehydrate even more in the heat from Lifesmart spas. If the blood volume gets seriously low, blood pressure may drop, causing the person to pass out and therefore they could drown if they were alone. This is why Hot Tubs Depot recommends the buddy system if you’ll be using Lifesmart spas, just in case something was to happen to your friend or yourself, someone could call for help. Sadly, there are a significant number of cases of hot tub intoxication deaths.

Also, mixing alcohol consumption with hot tub usage will put you in a state of Hyperthermia. Hyperthermia is the opposite of hypothermia since it is where your internal body temperature will multiply several times over your normal temperature. This is extremely dangerous because it will make you lethargic, dizzy, and susceptible to becoming unconscious. This may also affect your ability to recognize when you should exit the hot tub or your physical ability to exit Lifesmart spas.

It’s easy to forget about safety precautions when you are enjoying yourself, especially if you are buzzed or drunk. Don’t run the risk of harming yourself or let someone else harm themselves. It is recommended to not get intoxicated in Lifesmart spas. This will ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

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