Comfort Hot Tubs 5-6 Seats Spa

  • 51 Stainless Steel Prime-Power Jets: Jet massage supplies absolute best hydro massage remedy enjoy
  • 5 Seats and 1 Front room: Entertain five-6 other people comfortably within the spaciously designed outside hot Bath (eighty three inches W x 83 inches L x 35 inches H)
  • LED Lighting fixtures (converting colours) & Waterfall Function: Serene ambiance within the spa absolute best for relaxation
  • Hi-Tech Ozonator: 24/7 water purification system that cleans and circulates water within the hot Bath
  • Premium Heating System: Year-spherical enjoyment with the Balboa heating system and superior insulation design
  • Luxury acrylic shell with grey cabinetry and a chrome steel frame
  • Quilt and headrests included
  • Voltage: 220V; electrician advisable for installation.
  • Note: The Hot Bath is delivered curbside; native spa mover required for delivery to ultimate destination. Customer make stronger crew in a position to assist along with your questions. In stock and ships inside of 2 industry days AOLUV


Hot Tub Spa – Comfort Hot Tubs – Seats 5-6 People – 51 Jets – Roll Cover, Water Fountains, Ozonator, LED Lights, Headrests, and More

Enjoy this 834 Series Spa by Comfort Hot Tubs. The elegant design of the hot tub will perfectly blend into any setting whether at a mountain house, beach city, countryside residence, residential neighborhood, or urban patio. This deluxe series model boasts spacious and deep seating – bringing on a comfortable spa experience. The padded head rests and lounge seating design have customers raving about this model. Equipped with the latest proprietary technology, this model will inevitably create lasting memories for you, your family, and your friends. The hot tub has revolutionary, adjustable stainless steel jets. The high-pressure jet system is perfect for a hydromassage to alleviate the stress from any day. The American balboa control panel and heating system was built to last and keep things simple. The system quickly heats the spa with its great energy efficiency ratings. The heavy-duty insulated roll cover and the tub’s premium insulation design ensures that the tub retains its heat – even during the coldest of winter nights! Coordinate with your local electrician for proper electrical installation. This spa runs on 220v and needs professional installation, it cannot be simply plugged into any wall outlet. We wish you a relaxing, meditative, and enjoyable Comfort Hot Tub experience! Thank you!

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