Blue Wave Spa Choice Standard Chlorine Kit

Features high quality spa products Keep water balanced with test strips, pH increase, & pH reduce Includes specialty chemicals to keep your spa water sparkling
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Spa Choice Standard Chlorine Kit

This Standard Chlorine Spa Kit features the highest quality spa products. With this kit, you’ll have all you need to take care of your spa. The Standard Chlorine Kit includes: -pH INCREASE (1pt) – An easy to disperse solution that raises the pH in your spa -pH REDUCE PT (1pt) – An easy to disperse solution that lowers the pH in your spa -FOAM FREE (8oz) – Eliminates annoying foam from your spa quickly and easily -DEFENSE (1pt) – Helps prevent the formation of scale build-up on spa surfaces and equipment -RE-ENERGIZE (8 oz). – A non-chlorine shock with no chlorine odor -SANITIZING GRANULES (8oz). – This high quality, fast-dissolving granular chlorine is pH-neutral and leaves no residue. Use to regularly sanitize your spa -METAL FREE (1pt) – removes stain-causing metals from your spa -CLEAR & SPARKLE (1pt) – A fast-acting clarifier that aids in the removal of dirt and oils and clears cloudy water -CALCIUM INCREASER (14oz) – Increases the calcium hardness level in your spa water to avoid corrosion and staining -CLEAN & FAST (1pt) – Used for cleaning your spa, both at the waterline and below when spa is empty -TEST STRIPS 10 EA -SPA CARE GUIDEOptions prime quality spa merchandise Stay water balanced with take a look at strips, pH build up, & pH scale back Contains area of expertise chemical substances to Stay your spa water glowing Incorporates cleansing merchandise to clean away ugly earrings and dirt Contains A very easy to apply spa care information

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