Decontaminating Problem Hot Tub Spa and Pools

So if your refurbished spa or hot tubs and pools have been ignored for a significant amount of time, or have been used by a lot more people or more frequently than usual, chances are your refurbished spa is contaminated. But don’t worry, it’s not time for you to throw away your refurbished spa and buy a new one just yet.

HotTubs Depot has compiled step by step instructions for decontaminating already tarnished hot tubs and pools:

  1. You must clean your refurbished spa cover completely. This is important because a waterlogged cover more than likely has bacteria growing inside of it and is repeatedly contaminating your hot tubs and pools water each time you put the cover back on your refurbished spa.
  2. Remove and inspect your hot tubs and pools filters. Filters generally have the lifespan of a year, so if you have had yours longer than that, it’s time to get rid of it. If it is still in good condition, just rinse it thoroughly and soak overnight in a filter cleanser if necessary.
  3. You are going to want to dissolve some dichlor spa shock in a plastic bucket. Then raise the water level of your hot tubs and pools by an inch and administer the dissolved spa shock into the hot tubs and pools water. Put the cover on and make sure the jets are working full force for about 30 minutes. Then drain.
  4. Now reinstall the clean filter that you had taken out prior to the shocking. This is where you are going to add the new hot tubs and pools water and add the proper chemical balancers to get the right pH and alkalinity.
  5. Lastly, you need to verify that all the steps worked effectively for the decontaminating process. This is where you will use your hot tubs and pools test strips to check the balance of all the water conditions. Of course wait around 12 hours or overnight for all the chemicals to take effect and then do the test and analyze the results with your charts. If the chemical balance looks good and there is no longer any trace of contamination, then it is okay to go ahead and add the sanitizer of your choice.
Decontaminating Problem Hot Tubs and Pools

So perhaps here is the most crucial point. Now you have clean and healthy hot tubs and pools ready for your enjoyment. advises you to maintain a clean and healthy refurbished tub. In order to avoid all that work of decontaminating, you should make a serious effort in periodic upkeep of your hot tubs and pools. If you are unsure of the proper care and maintenance routines required for a refurbished spa, read the information below. has listed the basic hot tubs and pools cleaning procedures in order to maximize the efficiency:

Test Your Hot Tubs and Pools Water – the water should be tested at least once a week in order to ensure the best possible water quality. At the time of purchase, your hot tub manufacturer should provide you with a hot tub water testing strip compatible with the type of refurbished spa purchased.

Hot Tubs and Pools Shock Treatment – Shocking your water is a crucial step in maintaining your hot tubs and spas. Using your hot tubs less than 4 times a week will require only one hot tub shocking; using it more than 4 times will require two hot tub shock treatments.

Maintain Your Hot Tubs and Pools Chemicals After you tested your refurbished spa water, the results will indicate which types of chemicals need to be added to the hot tub to ensure water balance. These often consist of either bromine or chlorine. It is important to ensure that the refurbished spa chemicals are at their appropriate levels at all times otherwise the performance of your hot tub may be compromised.

Keep the Hot Tubs and Pools Water Running – Keeping your refurbished spa pump running all day will help to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering your hot tub water. Still water is more likely to grow bacteria than moving water, which can potentially cause long term difficulties with your refurbished spa. Consider purchasing an automatic timer which will automatically activate the hot tubs pump at desired times throughout the day.

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