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Hot Tub Health Benefits and Portable Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Facts

Hot Tub Health Benefits and Portable Hot Tub Hydrotherapy Facts

It’s amazing how many different health benefits facts hot tubs offer aside from being relaxing and entertaining.

These may be added bonuses for those of you who never even knew the facts hot tubs created health benefits. Majority of these benefits are a result of Low Price inflatable hot tub or Coleman SaluSpa hot tub hydrotherapy. Hydrotherapy is basically the mixture of heat, water and air for the purpose of massage. The great thing about hydrotherapy is that it is an all natural way to eliminate minor aches, pains or stress by using heat, buoyancy and massage. Through the use of water, hot tub hydrotherapy treatments help relax muscles, relieve pressure on joints and bones, and rid your body of toxins that may be causing joint pain and inflammation.

Hot Tub hydrotherapy help’s in arthritis relief

With all the wonderful things hydrotherapy does for your body, it’s really no big surprise that inflatable hot tub and Coleman SaluSpa hot tub use has been linked to arthritis relief. There is facts hot tubs provide the warmth, massage, safety and buoyancy required to relax or exercise joints and muscles right in the convenience and comfort of your own backyard. Relaxed muscles create an overall enhanced feeling of comfort which can then make it easier for the body to perform exercises and carry out daily tasks. This is wonderful for someone who suffers from arthritis, because even small daily tasks can be hard for them at times. There are even some hot tub manufacturers that have designed hot tubs specifically for people that have arthritis. Some of the features these hot tubs have are easily accessible entrances and exits, jet hydrotherapy designed to target common arthritis stricken muscles, and even easy to maneuver adjustment knobs for when you want to change the pressure of the jets or set a timer.Health Benefits of Hot Tub

Use of Hot tub can enhance your sleep

Use of Hot tub can enhance your sleepAnother health benefit that hot tubs offer is sleep enhancement. Extensive research has shown that if you soak in an inflatable hot tub or Coleman SaluSpa hot tub for a small amount of time before you lay down to go to bed at night, you will fall asleep easier. This is because if your body is exposed to the elements of the Island Escape or Coleman SaluSpa hot tub, your muscles become relaxed, and in turn, your mind becomes relaxed. There are facts hot tubs do this for your body. With no minor aches and pain from your muscles and less stress lingering in your mind, it is much easier to fall asleep.

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And lastly, research has shown signs that inflatable hot tub and Coleman SaluSpa hot tub use may have diabetic benefits as well.

Dr. Philip Hooper If you have Type 2 diabetes it is recommended that you get a good amount of exercise. However, not everyone is capable of doing rigorous exercise so there are facts hot tubs have been shown that the Island Escape or Coleman SaluSpa hot tub helps in this dilemma. Spending time in an Coleman SaluSpa hot tub helps people that suffer from Type 2 diabetes because hot tubs can be used as a relaxation option that allows good blood flow and helps with light exercise (as a result of good buoyancy) for people that generally have trouble with exercise. A hot tub study done in Colorado, conducted by Dr. Philip Hooper at the McKee Medical Center, showed the patients had reduction in blood sugar levels, improved sleep and an increase in their overall sense of well being.

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