Hot Tub pH Level and How to Maintain it

Introduction to Portable Hot tub pH to create the Best Hot Tubs

Measuring portable hot tub pH levels is how we determine how acidic (low pH) or how basic (high pH) a spas hot tubs water is. This is one of the main and most important factors of spas hot tubs water chemistry because pH plays vital roles in enhancing the effectiveness of your sanitizers and in portable hot tub bather comfort. So, with acidic being extreme low pH and basic being extreme high pH levels, you don’t want to have either for your portable hottub water! To keep your spas hot tubs water at the best hot tub pH levels possible you want to maintain a pH level that is more neutral, meaning neither acidic nor basic. By keeping your best hot tubs water at a consistent safe pH level, you will save yourself from eye and skin irritations, eliminate some unpleasant odors, as well as preserve your spas hot tubs shell, heater, pumps & filter so that your portable hot tub will last longer.

PH levels are measured on a scale of 0-14, with the best hot tubs having a neutral pH of 7. You want your portable hottub water pH to fall somewhere between 7.2-7.6, a little above neutral. The main reason that we want to keep our portable hottub within this best hot tubs pH range is because it’s the same pH level of our bodies! Exposing our bodies to other pH levels will stress them out, and cause skin irritation.

pH Effects on Best Hot Tubs

Results of low portable hottub pH level (below 7.2):

  • Excessive chlorine odor in spas hot tubs
  • Rapid loss of chlorine in spas hot tubs
  • Skin, eye, and other irritations
  • Metal corrosion-leading to the need of replacement in portable hot tub

Results of high portable hottub pH level (above 7.6):

  • Urine-like odor in spas hot tubs
  • Increased cloudiness in hot tubs water
  • Reduced effectiveness of chlorine
  • Scaling from minerals and metals in your water forming deposits and stains on your portable hot tub shell

Test Your Spas Hottubs pH Level

The first step to achieving optimal pH levels is testing your portable hot tub water. There are many products that can be found at your portable hot tub store that make it easy to test with convenient fast-acting test strips. For best results, get a cup of your hot tubs water and let it cool off for a few minutes before testing. Testing hot water can give inaccurate results and misleading information leading to further mistakes.

Before you adjust your spas hot tubs pH, you should first adjust your spas hot tubs alkalinity. Proper alkalinity levels will buffer the spas hot tubs pH, meaning it will keep the pH from fluctuating wildly. Assuming that you have already dealt with alkalinity issues and you know where your pH level falls; now all you have to do is fix it – if needed. Go to your local portable hot tub store and purchase both a pH increaser and pH decrease product. The instructions on the bottle or an employee at your hot tub store will inform you of how much of the product should be added for best hot tub pH levels in your specific case. Some information they may need in the spas hot tubs store will be how many gallons of water your portable hot tub holds, and what your spas hot tubs pH level was last time you checked. Always read the directions which will inform you of how much product you will need to add to your hot tub spa. Before testing again, let your hot tub run for an hour or two, or come back the next day to test so your hot tubs water balances out.

Following these best hot tubs pH levels recommended by choose hot tubs direct will maintain proper disinfection of spas hot tubs water, decrease potential skin problems/irritations, and keep your spas hot tubs parts lasting longer.

*Tips for best hot tubs pH

  • Always keep your pH levels between 7.2-7.6
  • Spas hot tubs pH and alkalinity go hand in hand keep your alkalinity between 80-120 ppm
  • Always adjust alkalinity levels before dealing with pH problems
  • Before testing you should always remove a small cup of water from your best hot tubs and let cool for about five minutes. This will ensure that your water is more stable for accurate test results.
  • After adding chemicals, always give sufficient time for the portable hot tub water to balance itself out. This usually takes an hour or two-or you can always come back and retest tomorrow.
  • Having high spas hot tubs chemicals levels can cause your water tests to give false results.

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