Cleaning System for Hot Tubs

Cleaning System for Hot Tubs; Including Wholesale Hot Tub and Inflatable Hot Tubs

Cleaning System for Hot Tubs; Including Wholesale Hot Tub and Soft Sided Hot Tubs
Cleaning System for Hot Tubs; Including Wholesale Hot Tub and Inflatable Hot Tubs

Inflatable hot tubs require regular proper care and maintenance. Without this, money spent on your 2 person hot tub will be lost, leaving you with an ineffective tub. Following the spa cleaning system listed below will ensure your 2 person hot tub remains in great condition, and you, your family and friends will be able to enjoy your Inflatable hot tubs as long as possible.

If you are unsure of the proper care and maintenance routines required by Inflatable hot tubs, read the information below. Make sure you follow these wholesale hot tub cleaning procedures in order to maximize the efficiency of your 2 person hot tub:

Test Your Inflatable Hot Tubs Water – Inflatable hot tubs water should be tested at least once a week in order to ensure the best possible hot tub water quality. At the time of purchase, your wholesale hot tub manufacturer should provide you with a hot tub water testing strip compatible with the type of hot tub purchased.

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2 Person Hot Tub Shock Treatment – Shocking your water is a crucial step in maintaining your hot tubs and spas. Using your soft sided hot tubs less than 4 times a week will require only one tub shocking; using it more than 4 times will require two tub shock treatments.

Cleaning System for Hot Tubs; Including Wholesale Hot Tub and Soft Sided Hot Tubs
Cleaning System for Hot Tubs; Including Wholesale Hot Tub and Soft Sided Hot Tubs

Maintain Your Soft Sided Hot Tubs Chemicals – After you tested your Inflatable hot tubs water, the results will indicate which types of chemicals need to be added to the hot tub to ensure water balance. These often consist of either bromine or chlorine. It is important to ensure that the wholesale hot tub chemicals are at their appropriate levels at all times otherwise the performance of your 2 person hot tub may be compromised.

Keep the Soft Sided Hot Tubs Water Running – Keeping your hot tubs pumps running all day will help to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering your hot tubs water. Still water is more likely to grow bacteria than moving water, which can potentially cause long term difficulties with your wholesale hot tub. Consider purchasing an automatic timer which will automatically activate the hot tubs pump your desired times throughout the day.

Recommended Wholesale Hot Tub Advice for Hot Tub Maintenance

The following hot tub advice gives you some tried and tested tips for procedures that will assist you in ensuring that your 2 person hot tub remains in the best possible condition:

On a Daily Basis

  • Check your Inflatable hot tubs sanitizer level and if needed, make adjustments.
  • Monitor your wholesale hot tub PH levels to ensure safe and appropriate levels and if needed, make changes using hot tub and spa dealer prescribed chemicals.
  • Check the water line with water cleaning paste and top up if required.

On a Weekly Basis

  • Oxidize the wholesale hot tub with non-chlorine shock (do this to your wholesale hot tub weekly if you use the hot tub 2-3 times per week and more if you use it every day).
  • Add no-foaming lotion to reduce the amount of foaming in your Inflatable hot tubs.
  • Check the calcium hardness and add dealer prescribed chemical as required.

On a Monthly Basis

  • Using a hot tub cartridge cleaner to clean out the filter cartridge (it must be cleared so that it will continue to operate effectively).
  • Check the wholesale hot tub water balance by taking a water sample.

If you follow this cleaning system and make it a habit, then your 2 person hot tub will be guaranteed a longer lifespan and it will be much safer for you to enjoy.

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