Proper Wiring Guidelines of Installing an Outdoor Hot Tub

Hot Tubs Electric Work

The steamy warm and pulsating water of a hot tub is very inviting, as it gives off a distinctive feeling of rejuvenation and stress relief every time we soak our body to the spa. These hot baths are commonly present in commercial areas such first class hotels, spa salon and therapeutic centers, as it greatly contributes in attracting costumers. However, it is costly to visit these places just to spend time to unwind for it will cost you a couple of hundred dollars, even thousands to fully enjoy their services.

Instead of visiting spa salon to rejuvenate your stressed and worn out body, don’t you think it’s better to have a hot tub installed in your property?

If you have decided to purchase your very own spa, you’ll be required to do several tasks before it can run properly. One of the most important procedures of installing a hot tub is fixing the electrical wiring, and it is also the most dangerous task to take care off. Doing it without enough experience leaves you vulnerable to accidents or creating damages to your investment, this is the reason why it is highly advisable to leave it to the experts. However, it is still best to have ideas on the whole procedure so you can monitor the work of the contractor you will hire. Check Top hot tub deals here

The Wiring Procedure

The first thing you should know is the electrical requirements of the hot tub you purchased. The electrical circuit of the spa should meet its load requirements. Meaning, the main service panel inside your house must be able to accommodate the spa, and also pay attention to the size of the GFCI disconnect. Check the user manual of your hot tub for reference, and you may also call the manufacturer’s customer service hot line for assistance. However, if you haven’t purchased a hot tub yet, an interesting place to shop is Round Hot Tubs.

The three main equipments that the electrician will need are the:

  • Main service panel of the house
  • Disconnect GFCI
  • Main Control System of the Spa

When installing the disconnect GCFCI, it should be at least 5 meters away from the hot tub and create an 18” deep trench from the hot tub going to the disconnect GFCI, and from the GFCI going to the service panel.

Once the trench is complete, you’ll have to make measurements for the PVC pipes that you will lay inside the trench. Run the wires inside the PVC pipes and pull them on both ends with a helper to keep it straight and tangle free. Hook up the wire to the disconnect GFCI first, and head over to the spa’s main control panel and attach the wiring in the right manner. You should keep the wiring firm and secured using metal clamps. The last wiring that you should make is from the disconnect GFCI going to the main service panel. Before doing this, turn the breaker off and properly attach the wires.

By following these guidelines, you will be ensured that your hot tub is properly installed and safe to use. But take note that it will still need approval by the local government before using it. Once it has been approved, you can now fully enjoy and reap off all the benefits a hot tub can give.

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