DIY Step by Step Guide on How to Wire a Spa

DIY Step by Step Guide on How to Wire a Spa

Wiring a hot tub is a systematic procedure that requires precise and sophisticated skills. When dealing with any live electrical wiring, it is highly advisable to always ensure that you are fully knowledgeable about the task. If you’re not capable, it is better to leave it to the experts to avoid getting yourself into unnecessary risks. Th is guide will show you a step by step procedure on how to wire properly wire a spa. Take note that you should put safety your first concern, and also carefully understand the electrical requirements of the hot tub you purchased. Ask the customer support system for more assistance.

First step

The first step is to consult a local inspector to know if the spa you purchased meets the regulation code of your municipality. Getting permit is highly recommended before starting a project. If you want to browse for the latest models that highly pass the regulations, we suggest searching a hot tub on,

Second step

Know the electrical requirements of your spa for you to get the idea if the main service panel of your house can accommodate its amperage needs. Also, you must know the type of wires your hot tub will need, you can see this by inspecting the electrical connection panel of the spa.

Third step

To run the wires of the spa going to the main service panel, you will need a disconnect GFCI. Properly plan where the wires will go through; if the spa is located inside the house, you can run the wires through the crawl space, while if it is outside, then you will need to create a trench to run the wires and keep them buried underground. It is important to run the wire inside a PVC pipe to keep it protected from water and other unwanted elements.

Fourth step

After laying out the wires from the spa going to the disconnect GFCI, and from the GFCI going to the main service panel, you will now have to hook up the wires. From the disconnect box, there’s an indicator saying “line-in and line-out”, the line in is for the connection for the service panel, and the line out is for connecting the disconnect GFCI to the spa. Inspect the user manual of the hot tub you purchased to see a wiring diagram that could help you with electrical hook-ups.

Inspect the control panel of your spa and connect the wires on to its designated post. The green wire is for the ground, and the others are for the main electrical power of the spa. Then head over to the Disconnect GFCI to hook-up the wires. After these are done, head to the main service panel.

Shut down the breaker then carefully check the slots of the main service panel. The red and black wires need to be connected to the main breaker while the neutral whiles attached to the ground bar.

Fifth step

Make double inspections to all the connections of your spa, and have a licensed building inspector or electrician approve your work before turning it one. This way, you making sure that everything is properly placed and you can use your hot tub without worrying about electrical trips.

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