Outdoor Hot Tub Spa Installation and Placement

Building and Design of your Hot Tub and Spa, Outdoor Hot Tubs, and Spa Pools

While spa pools maintenance, operations, and installations are all very important factors while considering a spa tub it’s also important to acknowledge the building and design of your hot tub and spa as well. Outdoor hot tubs are a significant purchase, so you want to make sure they look nice and complement your home as well.

Building and Design of your Hot Tub

We will first talk about the different options there are when choosing a deck for your outdoor hot tubs. If you decided on outdoor hot tubs, you will face two different options when designing the deck. The first option is to dig out a fraction of the ground, create a solid concrete foundation, place the hot tub and spa on the foundation, and then build the deck around the spa tub. The second option is to build a deck that can safely hold the weight capacity of the spa pools and place the hot tub and spa on the deck. You have to make sure the deck you are designing is capable of supporting the thousand pound spa tub. Plus, there are so many different deck designs to choose from, it would be good to have an idea of what would complement your back yard and house when choosing outdoor hot tubs. There are different floor boards to choose from and if you have kids and pets, you may want to design something where it would be hard for them to access the spa tub. Then there are different types of materials to choose from when designing your hot tub and spa deck. Do you want to make it look authentic with authentic redwood, or do you want to be more practical and design the deck with vinyl which is more durable in different weather conditions? And lastly, aside from design of the deck, another thing to consider is choosing the right location for your spa pools deck. The location will depend on various factors that we will go over.

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We will also be discussing the brief instructions of building your own spa tub. If purchasing a brand new hot tub and spa from a store or online retailer sounds like a burden to you, then you always have the option of building your very own. Of course it’s a lot more complicated considering you may need to get building permits and you will have to configure plumbing circumstances. But this could be a great project to take on for someone who loves building and constructing as a hobby.

Then we will go over all the different hot tub and spa enclosures available to you. This is what can really make the appearance of your outdoor hot tubs look amazing. Plus, they serve practical purposes as well. You can choose to cover your outdoor hot tubs completely or only partially, which is something to think about if you live in a location with temperamental weather conditions. Or you can choose a gazebo as your spa pools enclosure since they are one of the most aesthetically pleasing. It can turn a boring backyard into an elaborate place to entertain guests. Or if you are on a tighter budget, there are kits you can buy at spa tub dealers in your area that are easy to set up. There are also different variations of wood or vinyl (same as the hot tub and spa decks) to choose from, depending on preference. And lastly, there are spa pools enclosures that are specifically designed for privacy purposes if that is something you are interested in.

We will also go over the basic things to take into consideration when planning out your backyard before you install outdoor hot tubs. Do you want to get shrubbery that matches? Is there enough room to install a new hot tub and spa? Will it be too shady or too sunny in certain areas? We cover all the basics so you can be 100% ready and confident for your new outdoor hot tubs arrival.

And finally we will introduce you to the idea of making a water garden in your backyard with an old spa tub that isn’t being used. This can really transform your backyard into a beautiful landscape.

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