All about Salt Water Hot Tubs

It may sound crazy, but a popular use for hot tubs is turning them into a whirlpool of warm salt water. If you think about it, salt water hot tubs actually make a lot of sense. Salt water is mainly appealing for two reasons. The first reason is because of the healing and soothing properties of the salt in the water. The second reason is the natural sanitizing ability that salt has on the hot tub water.

Natural sea salt use in hot tub water.

By adding natural sea salt to your hot tub at home, you could cure many different sicknesses and pains that can occur for any reason. Since sea salt contains many different natural minerals, salt can make your skin feel more refreshed and it can lower swelling from sore muscles and joints. The sea salt mixed with warm water also gives off a naturally calming aroma that will make you want to stay in salt water hot tubs for hours!

Natural sanitizing ability of sea salt use in hot tub water

Natural sanitizing ability of sea salt use in hot tub water

So now we will discuss the second major benefit of salt water which is the natural sanitizing ability on your body. This system generates chlorine by passing an electrical current through the salt water in your salt water hot tub. This makes sense since salt (also known as sodium chloride) is made up of chlorine anyways which separates the sodium from the chlorine in the water. The sodium then works its magic to heal the skin and body, while the chlorine kills the bacteria that can linger in the hot tub.

Salt Water Chlorinator for your Hot Tub

Biggest Con or Problem of turning your hot tub spa into salt water hot tub!

However, there is one problem with turning spa into whirlpool salt water hot tubs. The problem is that it will ruin any factory warranty that many hot tubs come with. It can be detrimental to the hot tub filter if an excessive amount of salt is being passed through it constantly and it’s not being cleaned properly or regularly. One solution to this is to enhance your equipment to handle the salt water, but this is often an expensive procedure. It is really important to just keep an eye out for any corrosion you see happening in the spa. The cleaning of salt water hot tubs seems to be the biggest burden for people who create these hot tubs.

Is A Salt Water Hot Tub Better?

If you are interested in the healing powers of salt water hot tubs, they are very easy to create. All you will need is a bag of sea salt and the knowledge of all the consequences that can occur if not taken care of properly. Then all you do is add the right amount of sea salt that is available at a hot tub store. You don’t even need to purchase a salt water filter because it is more cost effective to just clean your current filter one to two times a month to make sure there is no salt corrosion.

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